For over thirty years, Dee Baxter has delighted in teaching the Word of God in the United States and in Israel.  She loves to see "Revelation Light" come into the eyes of those she is teaching.  Her teaching encourages individuals to stand up and be counted as believers in Yeshua the Messiah, and to live victoriously in Him.  She has spoken and taught at numerous churches, retreats, conferences, organizations, and home groups. 

Dee majored in Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Georgia, History at Appalachian State Universtiy, and Nursing at Western Piedmont College.  She uses her love and knowledge of these subjects to make the Scriptures come alive with fresh insight, and excitement.

"In Dee Baxter, I see a modern version of Lydia and Phoebe, two women honored in the New Testament for their faithful ministry to the Lord and His Church.....Dee is a hero, not because she's special, but because she remained faithful to the Word of the Lord and lives a life of faith inspired by His Word."

--Dr. Howard Morgan, President, Kingdom Ministries International.


"Her background...adds a dimension to her Bible teaching that few are able to express so dramatically!"

--Minnie Coleman, Executive Vice President, Living Waters Retreat Center.

Dee has commented often,

"People will often come up to me after I teach and say, 'I was so blessed by what you said.  Where did you get that message?'  All I can answer is that I yielded my life to the Holy Spirit, and I asked Him to teach me.  In addition to the Bible, I read voraciously from so many different sources (history, antropology, geography, science, biology, memoirs, etc.), and the Holy Spirit begins to harness various ideas together and weave a teaching."

Dee lives in LaFayette, GA with her husband Carlton.  They have three children and four grandchildren.  As a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, and businesswoman she understands life from many viewpoints.  She speaks out on issues facing America and the world today concerning Israel.


Here is Dee Teaching On-Site in Israel,
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And at one of Our Mini Conferences.
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