The Baxter Family

"Carlton and I are so blessed that all of our family know and serve the Lord."

The Baxter family has one major goal in life:  to serve the Lord and to make Him and His word known in the earth. 


Their oldest daughter, Stephanie, and her husband Ronnie are very active in working with the youth in their hometown.  They have a ministry called "Firehouse" where they meet for Bible Study, prayer, and praise and worship.  The youth in this group, travels doing Christian drama. 

Their second child Cindy, and her husband Chris serve the Lord also.  Chris is an Army Chaplain stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky where he ministers to the soldiers on base.  Cindy has the gift of Evangelism and Prophecy and is always
ready to share her testimony of what the Lord has done in her life.

Finally their son Hampton and his wife Adi, a Messianic Jew from Israel are serving the Lord also.  Hampton plays in a praise band at Church, and is studying Education and Hebrew.  Adi, works at a bank in LaFayette, she speaks in churches and translates many books from English into Hebrew.  They desire to let their marriage be a literal demonstration
of the "One New Man" spoken of in scripture.

We would like to introduce our Granddaughters being raised up as a
Generation unto YESHUA !

Our oldest granddaughter is Peri Rebecca Harper.  She is 17 years old and really
has a heart for Worship.  She is also involved with "Firehouse" ministries in Jesup, Georgia.
In addition she enjoys drama, and doing interpretive dance.

Next we have Rebecca Jordan Rusack.  Rebecca is 10 years old and is really growing
into a young woman of God.  She is always quick to make friends and has a really
sweet spirit.  She loves to sing, and recently picked up playing the guitar!

Our third granddaughter is a Mover and a Shaker.  Hannah Kay Rusack is such
an awesome little lady.  She enjoys being outside and leaves no stone unturned.
Hannah has such a funny personality and is very involved in her school.

And lastly we have Eliyah Ahuva Baxter, we call her Elie.  She was born June 16, 2008.
She is such a content and happy baby.  She has captured our hearts and is beginning to
speak in English and Hebrew!!  When the music comes on Little Elie starts to dance
and swing those arms.


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