Spiritual Warfare Resources
SW1 - The Anointing

There are six stages to the Anointing.
Christ followed all six stages in His life
and He expects us to do the same.  We
follow these stages while we look at
the Book of Luke.

(2 CDs)
SW2 - Wise Warrriors Characteristics for Warriors
found amoung Israel's
fighting troops.
SW3 - Satan's Warfare Tactic
Against Believers
A Study from Nehemiah showing
how Satan attacks an intercessor
as they press in to see a work
of God accomplished.
(2 CDs)
SW4 - The Giant Killer A study in the life of David and what
things God used to make him a
Giant Killer!
SW5 - Women in War There are certain laws of warfare that
we need to live out as women in the
Kingdom of God.
(2 CDs)
SW6 - Covenant, Power,
Authority, and
 Covenants have Blessings.  In this CD
we will see how Covenant, Power, and
Authority is taught through the work
of the Holy Spirit.  And celebrate Jesus's victory over Satan.
SW7 - Warfare on
Three Levels
Understanding how to battle on the
personal, corporate, and
national levels.
SW8 - Hang in There, Hang in
There, Hang in There
An inspiring lesson to encourage you to
NOT give up on what you have
asked God to do.
(2 CDs)

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