Hebraic Perspective Resources
HP1 -  Introduction to
Things Jewish
<Not Available.> $4.00/CD
HP2 - Extreme Transformation
A Vessel  of Honor
I share how God brought
extreme transformation in
my life.  This CD shows how
the Potter fashions step by step.
HP3 -  God's Garden The Song of Solomon says that we are God's
Garden.  We have many wonderful plants in
our Garden.  I'll show how this Garden plays
out in our Life as we walk His journey.
(2 CDs)
HP4 - An in-depth look at
Psalms 91
Come take an Unbelievable Hebraic look
at this popular Psalm.  What does this passage say in today's World?
(2 CDs)

HP5 - The Threshing Floor

This teaching begins with why God allows
us to have a threshing floor in our life.  Secondly it shows how the church is at a threshing floor concerning the nation of Israel.  Finally, 
we examine how Jerusalem will be a 
threshing floor for all the 
nations of the Earth!
(2 CDs)
HP6 - The Tzade-The Mark
of Righteousness
The Tzade represents the Signet
or mark of the Holy Spirit.  We take
a look at how the Tzade has been
represented in the Bible, and the
Revelation as King David brings
the Ark home to Jerusalem.
HP7 - Passover Betrothal <Not Available.> $4.00/CD
HP8 - As the Mountains Surround Jerusalem In this teaching, I will take you to the seven
mountains in and around Jerusalem and
what transpired on each of them.  We
will see the character of God through this.
(2 CDs)

HP9 - Jerusalem--God's
Chosen Real Estate

Learn all about the City of the Great
King!  Why God chose this small
piece of land, and also why He chose
to put HIS name there Forever!!
HP10 - Heart--Akedah <Not Available.> $4.00/CD
HP11 - From Shiloh to Jerusalem
God's Name revealed
In this teaching, the Awesome name of God
is revealed.  Don't miss this teaching!
HP12 -The Assault on the
Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God is under attack
from the enemy.  This CD helps explain
teachings from Ch.13 of Matthew.  You
will be challenged, enlightened, and
encouraged in your walk!
HP13 - The Crowing of
the Cock
What really happened the night Jesus was
denied three times by Peter.  Who was the
Cock?  What would he have said?
HP14 - Days of Elijah See how we are living
this praise song out in
today's world.
HP15 - Prince of Persia
Islam's Agenda
Islam is on the rise and Christians
need to be aware of the Islamic Agenda
coming against the West.  Take a look at
ancient demonic spirits that are vying again
for control of the Middle East, as well as
the entire world!
(2 CDs)
HP16 - Daniel, The Wise Men,
and Messiah's birth.
The Real Story....We will see exactly how
Daniel played such an important role for
the wise men to find the Christ Child.
(2 CDs)
HP17 - That I might
Know Him.
This CD talks about the power of HIS
resurrection, the glory of HIS suffering,
and the uniqueness of who Jesus really is.
(2 CDs)
HP18 - Ezekiel's River and the
Obed Generation.
This is an awesome study about the 4 major
moves of the Holy Spirit, comparing them to
the four measurements of water coming
from the Temple in Jerusalem.  This teaching
concludes about the Obed generation. 
Obed in Hebrew means work/to serve.  We
look at how God has called us to be this in
relation to the nation of Israel.
(2 CDs)
HP19 - The Tallit (Prayer Shawl) <Not Available.> $4.00/CD
HP20 - Old Testament
<Not Available.> $4.00/CD
HP21 - Something Old, Something
New, Something borrowed...
Take a different look at this traditional
wedding saying.  Teaching gems from the
Old and New testament, humerous insights,
and the Truth of our royal blue wedding
garments as the bride of Christ.
(2 CDs)
HP22 - Possessing the Gates
of the City.
In present day Jerusalem, there are 8 gates
that lead into the Old City.  I teach how
each gate represents an aspect of our lives
and how we MUST stand in authority in
each one.
HP23 - Feast of Tabernacles Through specific statements that Jesus
made in the Gospel of John we find fresh
insights into the Feast of Tabernacles
during Jesus's time. 
HP24 - Arise! Possess
the Land
The Land we need to possess is our lives.  I stress the importance of joy, anointing, and
provision available to us as we go into
our land.  We will also talk about the giants
that roam our land and how we, with God's 
help can bring them down in victory!

HP25 - After the Pattern:

We see the "pattern" that God gave Moses
for the Tabernacle and how this pattern
was corrupted by Herod and a corrupt
priesthood. Also, the real reason that Jesus
cleansed the Temple!
HP26 - Rosh HaShannah: A
Wake Up Call !
Rosh HaShannah means the "Head of the New Year".  It is a time to reach
for the Word of God in the next year.  This is
also a time of reflection and of joy.
(2 CD set)

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