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OT1 - Judah, The Making
of a Leader
Learn how God brought Judah to the
forefront of the tribes to be the
leader of a nation.
OT2 - Understanding the
Holy Spirit
An in-depth look at who the Holy Spirit really is.
See how He ministers to the church today and
His work as a gift giver and a fruit grower.
OT3 - A Higher Calling--The
Zadok Priesthood

Zadok was a priest that remained faithful
to David when his sons rebelled.  Zadok
always stayed faithful to the King.  Ezekiel
looks close at this Priesthood and how it is used in today's Christian Walk.


(2 CDs)
OT4 - Creation!! We look at the three levels of creation.  The
Microscopic; creation that is smaller than the eye
can see.  The Teloscopic; creation that is bigger
than the mind can comprehend.  The Macro-
scopic; creation that surrounds us in our
everyday lives.
OT5 - Scarlet Thread of
From Eden to Calvary, trace the Blood
sacrifice for the atoning of man's sins.
OT6 - Unmasking the
Occult means, "Something
Hidden"  This teaching will
help give a look into those
things that try to control our
lives from the demonic realm.
OT7 - Homosexuality--The
Destructive Spirit.
This teaching shows how severe this
offense is to God.  And how God judges this
OT8 - United We Stand--
Divided We Fall.
The Strategy of Satan is to devide and conquer.
Come take a look how the Lord wants you as
a believer to Stand and be able to fight against
his strategies in the battles ahead.
OT9 - The Carnal Believer We will follow the story of Lot and his Life
in and around Soddom.  This also shows
how you can lose your witness in an
ungodly society.
OT10 - A Different Insight:
Mary and Martha.

Martha has always gotten a bad
rap.  This CD helps us get a better
view of Martha and her sister Mary,
surrounding the time of their
brother's death.

OT11 - Holy Anointing Oil This Oil was so important to God, that He had a
special group of priests to prepare it.  Each
componet of the oil had to be measured and
crushed to help bring out the rich fragrance each
possessed.  We will look at how the master allows
us to go through phases to bring about the
fragrance he desires from each of us unto Him.
OT12 - Venom--All about
the Serpent.
All about the serpent.  Venom is the
injection of death that Satan tries
to kill us with.  Learn his tactics and
how the Lord can turn it back on
the evil one.
OT13 - Trees of
God calls us "Trees of Righteousness".  In
this teaching we will see how the charact-
eristics of trees apply to us a Believers.
OT14 - What Count's
with God
A great tape to help show what
makes a person successful in
God's eyes.  The world says
power, money, and wisdom makes
you a success.....what does God say?
OT15 - Guidelines for a
Spiritual Walk
In this unique study, we will focus on the attri-
butes of Yeshua as He walked the earth.  He
will show us how to "walk" righteous before
man and our heavenly father.
OT16 - Unity We will be teaching on Psalm 133. Unity is the purpose and goal of the Church that the enemy hates. Unity is where the real blessings flow. $4.00/CD
OT17 - Who Said a Woman Can't? The enemy hates women--because of the prom-
ised seed, (Gen.3:15).  Throughout history he
has influenced men to suppress the callings of
God in the lives of women.  In this teaching we
will see how we are set free from this suppress-
ion and declare "YES we can by the freedom
and power of the Holy Spirt".
OT18 - SPA  Treatment
(Spiritual Personal
We look at God's treatment for our
body, in a Spiritual sense.  We'll take the
techniques from a natural spa and apply
them spiritually with the Word of God to
help promote a life of well-being.
OT19 - Dee's Personal Testimony Dee takes us on her journey from being
a young girl in the South, and God calling
her to be a Watchmen on the Wall.
OT20 - Esau--A Study of
Esau never really forgave Jacob.  This goes
into detail on what happens when un-
forgiveness is or can be passed down
from generation to generation.
OT21 - Faith IS... I show how Faith is used in the everyday give
and take of life, and how the Lord wants YOU
to live by it.
OT22 - The Desire of the Heart In this teaching we see how the Lord brought
about the secret desire of my heart, and
how He caused me to have opportunity to live
out these desires in my life.
OT23 - Maturing of the
Using Rebekah, and Rachel, and the attributes
of their lives as examples of how the Bride of
Christ is to mature and make herself ready
for her soon coming Bridegroom.
OT24 - Shavuot-Pentecost The giving of the law and of the Spirit.  We look
at how this feast of the Lord was established
at Sinai and how is was completed in the Upper
Room in Jerusalem.
OT25 - Wells of Salvation In this unique teaching we will instruct
on being a well of salvation, what wells
should be filled with, and how to draw it out.
(2 CDs)
OT26 - Triunity of Love To truly experience what love really is we
must live fully in all three levels of it.  In this
teaching we will see how God has created
us to enjoy the physical, mental, and
spiritual aspects of love.
(2 CDs)

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