CDs by Carlton Baxter

CB1  Mercy and Judge-
In this CD we will begin to understand how GOD
dealt with Pharaoh in the ten plagues.  What
can we learn from these plagues about mercy
and judgement?  There is something unique
revealed in one of these about God's dealing
with mankind.
CB2 Caleb--Man of Valor Learn about this man named Caleb.  He was one
who completely followed the Lord.  Find out about
his name and how his life reflected who he was.
He indeed was a man of valor, and we can
benefit greatly from his walk with God.
CB3  Song of Solomon This is indeed the "Song of Songs".  Carlton does an
overview to allow us to appreciate the love that
the Lord really has for us.  Woven into the Song is the
understanding that true love gives to us what our
heart really desires.  "My lover is mine and I am His".
(2 CDs)

CB4 Do you want Relief
or Victory??

Carlton takes us on a journey past relief where we
can enter into "victory".  Relief can be great for a
short time but we must press on into the victory that
Yeshua has for each of us.  It is not easy, but it is
worth the battle and pain.
CB5 Rahab - Women
of Faith
Rahab is one of two women listed in Hebrews 11.  She
lived amoung the enemies of Israel.  She heard the
report about the God of Israel and then she believed
it.  Her faith moved her to action and the saving of
her household.  She perished not with them that
believed not.
CB6  It is Written Psalms 1 talks about a man being blessed , who's
delight is in the law of the Lord and who meditates in
it day and night.  Let's look into the phrase, "It is
Written"....We must base our faith on what is in the
word of God.  Man does not live by bread only!!
(2 CDs)

CB7  God of:  Abraham,
Issac, and Jacob

Have you ever wondered why God is known as the
God of Abraham, Issac, and Jabob?  We will explore
this in depth and learn how this can relate to us
as believers in the Messiah Yeshua!
CB8  Abraham, Proto-
type of Faith
We need to understand that we who believe are
children of Abraham.  So it behooves us to study
the life of Abraham and so learn what it means to
live a life of faith.  We like Abraham, are to be
fully persuaded in the Word of God.
CB9  Sit, Walk,
or Stand
This CD will first look into Psalms 1, and then compare
what it teaches and how it relates to Ephesians.  We
must understand how each position effects the
other one in our life.  In order that we are able to
"stand" in the days, we must learn to "sit and walk".
CB10 Insights from the
Book of Daniel
This CD explores the mega themes of the book of
Daniel.  We see young men in a hostile nation
as prisoners who still walked with God and enjoyed
His favor and mighty acts.
(3 CDs)

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